SpinFit Ear Tips Review: To Be Spoilt for Choice


Disclaimer: I received the following products from SpinFit at no cost in exchange for a write-up on my experience with these tips. I am under no obligation to make any statements for them and all thoughts and opinions here are my own.

SpinFits have made a name for themselves as silicone ear tip manufacturers, adding their own spin to them with their patented swivelling technology. Stock silicone ear tips are known for their durability, but sometimes not so much for their comfort. The shape of our ears varies from person to person whereas silicone tips come only small medium and large.

A better fit translates into an improvement in not only comfort but also sonic performance, hence SpinFits prides itself on being an affordable way to upgrade your audio experience. Today let’s take a look at some of the options (or solutions) they offer.

CP100/100+ (4mm)

SpinFit CP100 on Sony MH755

The CP100 is the first product that shot SpinFits to fame. The CP100+ is the latest update on the CP100, with an upgrade in silicon from food-grade to medical-grade. They are identical in design and feel and sound mostly the same apart from the upgrade in materials. This would translate into an improvement in durability, which is a big plus in my books.

I have done a full review of them previously, and these remain my favourite SpinFits, simply for their versatility and ability to shine on a large variety of IEMs in my collection.

CP145 (4.5mm)

SpinFit CP145 on QKZ VK4

The CP145 is a bit of a modified CP100, with a slightly longer and sharper shape intending to provide a deeper fit. That said, I found it a little less versatile with IEMs than the CP100. Despite the longer shape, the stem is not stiff enough.

I found these to fit well with my QKZ VK4, as they have a rather wide nozzle and the CP145’s slightly larger diameter was able to fit well without having to overstretch the tips. The VK4 stock tips didn’t seal well so the CP145 helped me get a better bass extension with the better fit. It also has the same slight boost in the upper midrange and lower treble to tilt the balance away from the mid-bass.

The variant of the CP145 is the CP155 with a much wide stem diameter of 5.5mm to fit IEMs like the Moondrop Blessing or DM8

CP500 (5.5mm)

SpinFit CP500 on TinHiFi T2

The CP500 is another ear tip made for wider bore IEMs, very much similar to the CP155. Between the two, I prefer the CP500. The CP500 has a slightly thicker and stiffer stem, with an additional groove on the inside to provide a more secure attachment to the earphone nozzle. This provides a more stable and snug fit.

The flange of the CP500 also seems more springy and holds its shape better than the CP155, hence being the more comfortable one of the two. I enjoyed the CP500 on wider nozzle IEMs like the TinHiFi T2, which I initially struggled to find a good non-foam tip for its unique shape and wide nozzle diameter.

CP800 (2mm)

SpinFit CP800 on Shure SE215

These are tips made especially for IEMs with thin nozzles, more notably IEMs from the Shure SEXXX series or Westone IEM designs. Shure and Westone come with really well-fitting silicone tips, however, should you still struggle to get a good seal with them, the CP800 are a good choice with the SpinFit patented design.

Do note that the CP800s will make upper mids and treble sound a little more present, and it took away some of the bass emphasis from my Shure SE215, which worked to my favour.


SpinFit CP240 on Etymotic ER2XR

These are the only multi-flanged tips made by SpinFits. These don’t look and look like your typical dual-flange tips as well. They do come with a pair of spacers to adapt the tips to narrower nozzles as well. Admittedly, these tips are quite out of the ordinary and aren’t that versatile. That said, with the ability to tip roll my IEMs, I managed to matchmake these with my ER2XR. It gives a good seal without the deep scratchy feeling that the multi-flanged stock silicone tips. The shape of the larger flange fills up the ear pretty well and does a pretty good job at isolating outside noise just like the stock Etymotic tips.


With the plethora of tips offered to me to tip roll by SpinFits, I must say I am impressed with the collection they have developed with their experience in the industry. There is truly a SpinFit for everyone’s tastes and almost every IEM. Even though I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a silver bullet, it sure is a gem to have in my tip arsenal.

The nozzle diameter is a real obstacle in finder suitable tips, and knowing SpinFit has got them all covered is a real assurance. Certain SpinFits work better on certain IEMs, but you wouldn’t know unless you try. All I can say is, try starting with a pair of CP100 tips (or the new and improved CP100+), for they sure didn’t disappoint me 7 years back when I got my first ever pair of SpinFits and I’ve been a believer.

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