SpinFit CP100+ Ear Tips Review: Ol’ Reliable 2.0

Pros: Build Quality/Durability, Comfort and Fit

Cons: Not really a con but it does tweak sound a little, might even be a Pro depending on preference

Price: $13.49 USD (2 pairs)


Disclaimer: I received the ear tips from SpinFits at no charge in exchange for an honest review of my experience with them. My thoughts and opinion here are all my own.

Eartips are known to have noticeable effects on the sound of IEMs and can be a significant improvement in sound and fit for a small price. SpinFits are one of those tips that have made a name for themselves for being an affordable way to upgrade your current listening gear if you’re currently using the stock tips.

SpinFits have been around for quite a while, and are most well-known for their patented design which allows the pronation of the silicon tips to achieve a snug seal in your ear canal without any crumpling of the tip. Today we will be covering the CP100+ model, which is an update to the ubiquitous CP100 tips SpinFit have become so well-known for.

Comfort and Fit

I find the CP100 and CP100+ fit great on IEMs that have relatively shorter nozzles. It also helps that the tips have a rather stiff stem to help ensure a deep enough fit. The SpinFit CP100+ has the upper edge as they seem to be more “grippy” and tacky so they seem to a little more securely than the CP100.

One of the main things I like about SpinFits is how durable they are. Being silicone tips, they last many times longer than foam tips and hence are much more value-for-money IMO.

With all that said, there have also been times where the CP100 don’t help with the fit. Some notable experiences were with my Sony EX-1000 and DQSM Hermit. These two earphones didn’t benefit from the rotation of the tips because of the way they sit in the ear and their weight distribution. However, fit if of course subjective and your experience may differ.


As I mentioned earlier, the CP100 and CP100+ are vastly similar in sonic properties and are almost indistinguishable. I have included a frequency response measurement comparing the CP100, CP100+ and a random pair of foam tips as a control for some comparison.

The CP100 and CP100+ tips dry up the sound a little. Hence, I find them perfect for IEMs that I find are a little too warm for my liking, or too mushy/too much decay in the bass. In terms of bass quantity, it is a little subjective to the previous tips you were using. On the very plausible assumption that the SpinFits improve the seal you’re getting, the bass quantity and extension will definitely improve.

Another effect on the sound I find that SpinFits can have is a slight boost and opening up of the upper mids region. Instruments like trumpets, clarinets and flutes can become more prominent and forward. Depending on the tips you are coming from, it can have a slight increase in the perceived soundstage as well. On top of that, you can tell from the graph below that the CP100/CP100+ have slightly higher peaks in the lower treble as compared to regular foam tips as well.

SpinFit CP100+ on Audio Lokahi

One of my current daily drivers is the Audio Lokahi IEMs I just received a few weeks back. One of my main gripes with the IEM is its rather short nozzle which doesn’t have any lip for the tips. Hence, some silicone tips simply slide right out. The CP100/100+ stem has an ideal width to grip onto the nozzle and creates a deep sitting fit. I also measured the frequency response, comparing the CP100/100+ tips and some foam tips, for your viewing pleasure below.

Frequency Response Measurement of CP100/CP100+ vs Foam Tips on Audio Lokahi

SpinFit CP100 on Sony MH755

The Sony MH755 have a relatively short nozzle and I struggle to find tips that help the IEM sit deep enough without simply falling out of my ears after walking a few steps. The SpinFit CP100/100+ work great here. It also helps that I find the midbass on the MH755 too present for my liking so the boost in upper mid-range and treble works in my favour in this case. Overall, the SpinFits work great in being an affordable upgrade for an already great value earphone.


SpinFit CP100 and CP100+ are excellent tips to improve the fit and seal you’re getting, especially if you always get the feeling that regular silicone tips can never sit properly in your ear canal. With the CP100+, you’re ultimately getting an upgrade in silicone quality which would technically improve durability too! Sonic changes are to be expected and whether it is an improvement or not can be a matter of preference so don’t hesitate to experiment with tip rolling! The SpinFit CP100/100+ has proven itself to be really reliable tip to have in my arsenal, akin to Spongebob’s Ol’ Reliable

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