OREO list: Disclaimers

  • OREO, short for Our Realistic Entitled Opinion, is a consolidation of the IEMs we have tested to date.
  • This list is riddled with our own touch of bias, preferences, and exclusive opinions. It is in no way representative of THE truth.
  • This list is meant to be used as a reference point for both us and you to compare IEMs we have reviewed at a glance.
  • This list is relative and is subject to review and changes over time 

Important things to note:

  • Before we are reviewers, we are also consumers/customers as well and we believe in the importance of value in a purchase. Hence, it will be a factor taken into consideration in ratings.
  • Things like Fit and Build will be taken into consideration as well as as important sound is, there is more to product design and a well-made IEM. We have graded the IEMs sound in every review so please do take a look at those ratings within the review.
  • Items within the same rank are not arranged in any particular order
  • A- to A+ : A joy to review 
  • B+ to B- : Situationally decent
  • C+ to C- : Proceed with caution
  • Anything in D : I fully regret the time I spent listening