Sony MH755 Review: A Diamond In The Rough

Pros: Very good sub-bass, clean bass with minimal mid-bass bleed, good tonality, good timbre, good tuning, price to performance ratio

Cons: Poor build quality, a lot of fakes in the market, requires cable mods

Driver Setup: 1 Dynamic Driver

Price: $8++ (USD)


Disclaimer: This review was done by my own accord and I purchased this set at full price from eBay from KANOYA Japan.
The MH755 houses 1 Dynamic Driver and I bought it at about 12 USD (including shipping etc) at the time of my purchase, however, its pricing may vary depending on sellers since Sony does not sell it on its own. It is also important to note that there are many fakes out there, so check out for its authenticity before any purchases are made.

Before we dive into build and sound, It is almost a must to do an MMCX modification to it since the attached cable is so short which makes it very impractical in my opinion. It costs about SGD 25 to modify it nowadays or you can look up some videos online and do it yourself if you are savvy enough.

My personal unit modified by SG AudioHive (ear tips: Final Audio Ear Tips size M)

Packaging and Accessories (Score: 3/10)

Nothing much to say here since it was an accessory itself, it comes in a plastic package containing the earpiece and tips. However I would like to point out that the stock tips are really good in terms of fit and quality so huge plus for the price you are paying!

Build and Fit (Score: 5/10)

The build here is typical for something like this (the free earpiece that comes with your phone) it is all plastic and not durable so really nothing great here since most of the value comes from its sonic characteristics and performance.Fit wise, I usually wear it hanging down (unlike over ears) so it really depends on the tips to give you that seal and since given its design, lower your expectations when it comes to seal and fit (stock form) unless you tip roll to something that suits your ear. But I do have to say, it is relatively more comfortable to wear it for long hours as my ears get tired and discomfort from wearing IEMs for too long.

Sound (Score: 7.5/10)

Frequency Response of the Sony MH755

This is where it really shines for this unit, it poses a “Harman-Neutral” sound, a good sub-bass extension with a peak in its upper-Mids which some may describe as V or U shaped (in this case I would classify it as a U-shaped sound signature). The MH755 is fun to listen to, has good timbre and tonal balance for its price and is often described as a “wonder” for many.

Sources used: (Topping D10 > Atom Amp) and (Ibasso DX120)

Bass (Score: 8/10)

I really love the sub-bass that MH755 has, it creates that rumble that can really satisfy my sonic cravings and it just became my go-to when it comes to songs with low bass. Mid-bass on the MH755 is relatively less emphasized than sub-bass, but it is not lacking or missing, “thumps” are still clean, fast, and textured or in other words, “the dynamic driver kind of bass”. Overall, the bass here is boosted but not too much such that it overpowers other frequencies with minimal mid-bass bleed.

To elaborate on its bass performance, I would say that I can single out the bass lines clearly despite having other frequencies playing at the same time (including vocals) but does not get in the way of clarity or sounding “muddy” which is something that I really like about it. Quality and quantity bass without losing clarity and tonal balance.

Mids (Score: 7/10)

Mids on MH755 is decent, vocals are clear but slightly recessed or less emphasized. Male vocals tend to sound fuller and deep due to the tuning of bass regions. Female vocals are generally clear however there is a peak around the upper midrange (rising from 1khz and peaks around 3khz) which may sound slightly harsh on some songs but generally acceptable for me.

In general, the mids on MH755 are decent, not lacking and they are good enough for me to use it as a point of comparison for anything below SGD 100 which pretty much shows how well-tuned this unit is.

Treble (Score: 7.5/10)

The highs on MH755 are energetic and adds a little sparkle and air to the overall presentation but also at the same time smooth in my opinion (It is not sibilant to me as my sensitive regions range from about 7khz to 10khz which in this case is being rolled off from 7khz onward and treble addicts may feel a bit underwhelming.

Sound stage, Imaging and Tonality

Soundstage is pretty decent on this, I was able to feel that space that they recorded those tracks in and I would say it is pretty decent. Imaging on the other hand sounds a bit blurred even in binaural recordings.

An important point for this unit to perform is to achieve that seal and normally, IEM that are 3D printed or have “custom-like” shells can achieve that easily as long as the shell fits your ear properly. However, for the MH755, it is worn hanging down and the TIPS makes the world of difference here as it really diminishes its bass capabilities if you do not get a proper seal. It really depends on the tips that fit your ear but I am currently using slightly larger tips (Final ear tips size M or L) to achieve that seal.


Value is key here because even though modifications are needed, the sonic performance of the MH755 at this price point is just unbeatable. Other cheap modifications are available, such as a 3.5mm extension cable (it works but not pretty but it’s the cheapest) that you can explore if you don’t mind the looks. Also, build wise it’s below average at best compared to modern-day offerings, but for that level of sound, I do not mind buying multiple units just if mine starts failing.


I must admit that I was sceptical about the hype for MH755 and thought that it was just of the usual hype trains that people get excited about and then dies off when new products flush the old ones away, but I was obviously wrong. In fact, this might be one of the greatest sucker punches that Sony can pull in the entire audio industry. The MH755 is hard to fault with no obvious flaws or flags that I can think of at this price point and I recommend getting one before it disappears from the world in the future.

Overall Grade: B


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