LinsoulxKZ ZS10 Pro 2 Review: Back to Winning Ways

Driver Setup: 1DD + 4 BA Hybrid

Price: US$55.99


Disclaimer: The KZ ZS10 Pro 2 was provided to us at no charge courtesy of Linsoul. However, this was done with the understanding I was to give my honest thoughts and opinions of the ZS10 Pro 2. The KZ ZS10 Pro 2 is available for purchase here should you find yourself interested in a pair, or feel free to use your links.

It has been a while since I’ve tried a KZ IEM and an even longer time since I’ve used the KZ ZS10 Pro (the most recent ZS10 that I’ve tried), but before all this, the original KZ ZS10 was the real OG king of driver numbers. It has since then gone through a few iterations and with each release, it has gotten much better. All these have led to today where this line continues to live on and the Pro 2 seems to be released as a collab with Linsoul. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.


In typical KZ fashion, you will get barebones packaging without much and the same stock cable that comes with most other KZ IEMs. There is an option for you to select the cable with or without a mic. Stock tips are also included, but if you prefer third-party tips, I would suggest going with those. If this is your first IEM, the stock tips are fine. It is also worth mentioning that the buds came fitted with foam tips right out of the box which was a nice inclusion.

Build Quality and Fit

The build quality of the earbuds looks great and the fit is good as there isn’t any oddly shaped feature of the shell and sticking to the usual smooth and rounded resin shell on the outside. The metal faceplate is polished and consistent with the design language of past iterations of the ZS10. No major changes and not especially creative but I guess KZ is trying to retain consistency in identity and opting for the don’t fix what’s not broken approach.


Frequency Response of the KZ ZS10 Pro (Red: All switches on, Blue: All switches off)

Frequency Response of the KZ ZS10 Pro (The corresponding switch number = switch is on)


  • Kiwi Ears Allegro
  • Fiio BTR7
  • Simgot DEW4X
  • Apple USB C Dongle

Music listened to

  • Jackson Browne
  • Michael Buble
  • The Carpenters
  • Maroon 5
  • Martin Garrix
  • Kygo
  • Cory Asbury
  • Loud Luxury
  • The Eagles
  • etc


The bass is quite tastefully done, with a good extension and rumble, and yet not bloated in the mid-bass. There is a good punch and complements the rest of the music very well. The technical performance of the bass is very good at this price point and I was admittedly impressed.

Just as an added tip, the sound can change quite a bit depending on the tips used. I used it with the wide-bore JVC Spiral Dots tips which I thought worked very well with the KZ ZS10 Pro 2. It tends to make the bass a bit more balanced and works well with IEMs with greater bass emphasis.


Where the KZ ZS10 Pro 2 really surprised me was the mids. I acknowledged previously that the older ZS10 Pro had good value but I was not completely sold due to the recessed and artificially midrange timbre and slightly unnatural tonality. I guess KZ has been working on it since then and it is significantly improved in the Pro 2. The mids though still sit back as part of KZ’s house tuning, but the tonality has improved a lot. Vocals do come through with great tonality and clarity. For people who don’t enjoy too upper mid-forward tunings but don’t want to compromise on quality might enjoy the ZS10 Pro 2.


Highs would be the weakest link in an otherwise all-rounded performance of the ZS10 Pro 2. With its V-shaped tuning, the highs have quite a presence. The clarity in the highs is quite good, especially comparing it to the past models in the series. However, what I thought could have been better if I were to be more picky would be the timbre of the highs. There is some room for improvement for the highs to come across more naturally and currently on certain tracks, it can sound a little metallic.


The ZS10 Pro 2 has quite a bit going for it, especially if you are a fan of the KZ V-shaped tuning. Even without the tuning switch functions, the IEM does have quite an enjoyable tuning and I must admit it did put a smile on my face when first listening to it. The overall balance and tonality are just right and not overdone in any one region. Separation is above expectations for an IEM in this price range. The ZS10 Pro 2 is very easy to power and should work with most on-the-go setups, even if you’re using them directly or just with a stock dongle.


I really like the KZ ZS10 Pro 2 and have recommended them to a few friends, some of who use them as musicians, some just as an inexpensive daily driver and so far most of them have positive things to say about it. Of course, I recommended this model knowing the kind of tunings they like and the music they tend to work with or listen to. Generally, I would say the ZS10 Pro 2 is quite versatile and can match many genres. Moreover, with the tuning switches, you can play around with it to “customise” it to hit your sweet spot. With 4 switches, there are many possible combinations to build upon what is already a solid foundation. In summary, the KZ 10 Pro 2 is a huge step for KZ to keep up with the current market which has proven to be really competitive.

Overall Grade: B+

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