ddHiFi XLR44B Review: When Smaller is Better

Pros: Small Form Factor & Aesthetics, Full Aluminium Build, Quality XLR Plug, Value

Cons: Did not experience any for my setup

Price: $39.99 (USD)


Disclaimer: I reached out to ddHiFi to try the XLR44B adapter as I was looking for one and received one in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts here are all my own and are in no way influenced by them. Should you find yourself interested in a pair, you can get it here

This is a review of the for the XLR44B adapter from ddHiFi. It’s a balanced adapter converting your amplifier’s XLR output to a female 4.4mm jack.


The packaging is sleek yet classy. You may think “It’s just an adapter, what’s the big deal?”. Well, ddHiFi sure wants you to know you’re not getting just any adapter. It comes in a square cardboard box with everything important printed on it, nothing more nothing less.

Within is your adapter in a ziplock and an information sheet that doubles up as a warranty card. The unboxing experience really reassures you of the product’s quality.

Build & Design

Now onto the build of the XLR44B adapter. I’ve had experience with a few XLR to 4.4mm adapters, some made by local DIY-ers, and some purchased from Aliexpress. I must say the XLR44B has the smallest footprint out of all I’ve tried and is also the most aesthetically pleasing IMHO. What stood out to me was how low-profile it looked once plugged into my Schiit Magnius amplifier. It just seemed like a natural extension, matching the matte black look of the amp. With my previous experiences with ddhifi adapters, they sure know how to condense their adapters.

The XLR plug is based on the NC4 MXX XLR plug from Neutrik, which is probably one of the most renowned and trusted brands when it comes to XLR plugs.


The XLR-4.4mm adapter is perfect for me as most of my IEM cables are terminated to 4.4mm. The Schiit Magnius is a brilliant balanced amplifier. This adapter helps me get the most from the Magnius and I can just utilize the balanced output. Most modern audio players such as my Hiby R5 has balanced outputs in 4.4mm, hence most of my IEM cables are terminated in 4.4mm. It would be a shame to not be able to experience the best that my desktop amp has to offer from its balanced output.

Balanced 4.4mm headphone cable plugged into the ddhifi XLR44B


XLR to 4.4mm adapters are not a new thing, and this adapter won’t make your setup “sound better”. Nevertheless, it is one of the best adapters of its kind I’ve come across, providing quality at an affordable price tag. It has everything I ask for and more in an adapter.

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